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The lost art of hacking our biological clock & the benefits of hacking our circadian rhythm

As a functional nutritionist, I take a holistic approach by considering various aspects and pillars of health, including biohacking, epigenetics, nutrigenomics, microbiology, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and psychology and so much more.

One crucial aspect of achieving a harmonious body is aligning the mind and body in unity. My research explores the utilisation of innate processes such as the power of breath, mindfulness, and the potential of optimising our circadian rhythm. Scientific evidence supports the idea that incorporating these fundamental tools can lead to remarkable improvements in health and well-being.

It is my belief that these "lost arts" are the missing link in our disconnection from our minds and bodies. I foresee a turning point in healthcare, supported by scientific advancements. Therefore, when striving for optimal health, it is important not to overlook these basic fundamental needs.

By "hacking" our biological clock, practicing conscious breathing, cultivating mindfulness, and incorporating simple and effective nutrients, we can create a positive mindset and a thriving body that is vital to any health journey. These practices are undeniably crucial and offer promising potential for achieving optimal health.

I would love to know what practices you incorporate in your daily routines, whether it be breath work, morning rituals or sleep hygiene practices. Share what works for you, so others can benefit from your knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Love and health,

Jade. ✨

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