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Individual consultations


  • 1 hour
  • 90
  • Blackhill Wood Lane

Service Description

Unlock your path to holistic health with personalised consultations tailored specifically to your unique needs. At Genesis Holistics, I provide one-on-one consultations that incorporate advanced NLP techniques along with other health practices, focusing on a deep understanding of your personal health history, lifestyle, and goals. Together, we'll create a sustainable plan that aligns with your life and leads to real, lasting changes Initial assessment: 1.Comprehensive Review: A detailed discussion about your health history, dietary habits, lifestyle, and wellness goals. 2.NLP Assessment: Utilize NLP techniques to identify and begin reshaping the unconscious patterns that influence your health behaviors. Personalised Health Plan: 3.Nutritional Guidance: Develop a nutrition plan that supports your body’s needs, considering any intolerance's, allergies, or health conditions. A specific dive into your gut health and optimisation of all body systems. 4.Lifestyle Adjustments: Recommendations on sleep, exercise, and stress-management techniques that fit into your daily routine. 5.NLP Strategies: Implement specific NLP methods to enhance motivation, change limiting beliefs, and reinforce positive lifestyle choices. 6.Supplement Strategy: Guidance on supplements to support your health objectives, always considering safe interactions with existOngoing Support and Adjustments: Ongoing support and adjustments 7.Regular Follow-Ups: Scheduled sessions to monitor progress, discuss challenges, and make necessary adjustments to your plan. 8.Continuous Learning: Resources and educational tools to help you understand the principles behind your health strategy and make informed choices. 9.NLP Reinforcement: Ongoing NLP techniques to continuously improve mental resilience and adapt to new healthy habits. Holistic Integration: 10.Mind-Body Techniques: Incorporation of mind-body practices like mindfulness, meditation, or gentle yoga to enhance mental and physical well-being. 11.Emotional Health Support: Strategies to improve emotional resilience and address aspects of mental health related to dietary, lifestyle changes and medications. Ongoing Support and Adjustments:

Contact Details

  • Blackhill Wood Lane, Costessey, Norwich, UK


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