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Intensive health workshops


  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • price negotiable
  • Blackhill Wood Lane

Service Description

Embark on a deep dive into holistic health with Genesis Holistics’ Intensive Health Workshops. These workshops are designed for those who are ready to take significant steps towards comprehensive wellness. I meticulously craft each session to address the interconnected aspects of health, ensuring a transformative experience that impacts both mind and body. Comprehensive wellness overhaul. Focus: This workshop covers all foundational elements of holistic health, including nutrition, sleep, mental health, gut health,harmonising and optimising our body systems and and trauma recovery. Participants engage in intensive sessions that combine education with practical application, creating personalised wellness plans. Duration: A weekend retreat or a series of intensive day-long sessions. Mind-body-spirit alignment. Focus: Delve into the holistic integration of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Learn advanced techniques in mindfulness, NLP, and lifestyle adjustments to achieve a higher state of well-being. Targeted nutritional strategies. Focus: Focused on functional nutrition, this workshop explores how to use food as medicine. Learn about anti-inflammatory diets, the gut-brain connection, and how to tailor a nutritional plan to your body’s specific needs. Duration: Full-day or half-day workshops tailored to different nutritional goals and health conditions. Trauma recovery and resilience. Focus: Understand the physiological and psychological impacts of trauma and learn strategies for managing and healing from trauma through a combination of NLP, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and emotional resilience training. Duration: A series of workshops designed to provide tools and support for long-term recovery and empowerment .

Contact Details

  • Blackhill Wood Lane, Costessey, Norwich, UK


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